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Drumlin Consulting* can help make strategy happen in the context of  your business plan.

Through hands on learning at various management levels, in a number of industries, my practical experience can be a benefit in assisting you to achieve your goals. My mantra is : plan well, maintain focus, and manage capital efficiently. Adherence to these principles along with excellent execution of your plan, will see your start-up or business achieve all that it can.

Entrenovation & Start-ups

From idea identification to becoming an operating business is a process embodied in the practice of entrenovation. It is preparatory to the commencement of a business managed by entrepreneurs.

  • Undertaking a new venture is not merely a matter of identifying and implementing a brilliant initial idea. Validate your idea, create a plan, and efficiently execute the plan.
  • If focus starts to move away from the defined market, re-visit and adapt the plan before proceeding further.
  • Install Drumlin’s spread sheet based budget and capital management tool.
  • Understand your potential users. Make your product/service not merely good, but excellent.
  • Evolving your idea is the embodiment of understanding your users.
  • Engage Drumlin as advisor.
  • Visit the Innovation Process description here.

Operating Companies

Tell me what you need. If I am not able to undertake the task I will tell you. Drumlin can:

  • Assess your problem-to-goal path and provide advice as necessary.
  • Research a subject and present findings needed by your company.
  • Fill a position until a permanent employee is engaged.
  • Assume a role that is temporarily vacant.
  • Provide advice on funding sources and seek funding on your behalf.

Consulting fees:

  • Drumlin is free until a mutually agreed upon fee structure is in place.
  • Drumlin expects to earn fees; not be paid for just being there; and only if meaningful value is provided.

WIGO – What is going on?

Be purposeful and systematic. The path from problem to goal requires a plan, focus, & includes milestones, pivots, and patience.

“…strategy is not the consequence of planning but its opposite: its starting point​” 

Mintzberg, The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning

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