Jon Constable – Entrenoveur

For three years I wrestled with the process involving new-ideas and the development of innovative notions into commercial products and services. Recently (Spring 2019) it occurred to me that the process is specific to innovation and until it is integrated into a business is not entrepreneurial. With the aid of the writings of Joseph Schumpeter and Peter Drucker, and the mash-up of innovation and entrepreneur, I came up with “entrenovation”. Entrenovation is the practice that embodies innovation. Entrenoveurs are the practitioners who manage the innovation process.

For 25+ previous years I participated in the funding, founding, directing and managing of businesses focused on finance, earth sciences, chemical research, and high-tech. My initial involvement in the world of computers was a programmer during the reign of main-frame computing. The use of, and interest in, high-tech has never wained.

As a partner in a private investment banking firm I advised and funded companies and, as a corporate development executive expanded corporate opportunities and executed merger and acquisition strategies. Directorships have included private and public companies. and not-for-profit organizations and charities.

Principles: Excellence, Honesty, Respect, Mindfulness, Confidentiality.

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