The #Entrenovation Blog – 5

INNOVATION - THE IDEA. Where do innovative ideas come from? Realizing, recognizing, or discovering them is an interesting topic for study and discussion. Often the intersection of two or more nascent ideas results in discovery. How does that happen? Learn more about the process - CLICK ON THE POST TITLE

The #Entrenovation Blog - 4

Start-ups: Definitions, Success Rates A mantra I strive to live by is never stop learning, experientially and intellectually. Of course, learning curves are part of that process – nobody knows everything about anything. #Start-up success rates is a subject I think about. Upon re-visiting the subject, I was surprised to learn that reported success or failure …

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The #Entrenovation Blog – 3

Entrenoveur – A Unique Designation Let’s go back to the seminal question. What is an entrepreneur? The answer is, it depends. Currently entrepreneurs wear two hats: Under the one hat are, as defined in dictionaries, entrepreneurs who start and manage businesses, assume the financial risk, and expect to be profitable. They employ the practice of entrepreneurship. Wearing the …

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The #Entrenovation Blog

The Post Mortem Tool Quick Refresher – This post aside, the primary goal of the blog is to distinguish the practice of entrenovation from entrepreneurship as a practice. These practices employ different skill sets that are applied at different points in the total life cycle of a business. Long ago the oil & gas industry …

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